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UNIVERSITY NEWS | Later this week, you will receive an email invitation to participate in an online survey to explore your perceptions of LMU. It is part of a comprehensive market research and brand development study being conducted by LMU Marketing and Communications in collaboration with our partner, SimpsonScarborough, the nation’s leading higher education market research firm.

“President Snyder challenged us to elevate the university’s reputation and increase its visibility,” said John Kiralla, vice president of marketing and communications. “Developing an authentic, cohesive, compelling, and memorable brand is the most-effective way for our university to accomplish these goals and tell our story boldly. Our efforts will succeed if our community is engaged, a process that requires diverse voices and perspectives. This survey is a critical opportunity that should not be missed.”

“We define our brand as what we stand for in the hearts and minds of the persons we are trying to reach, influence, and move to action…”

SimpsonScarborough will administer the survey in an effort to understand LMU’s strengths and opportunities in the eyes of on- and off-campus audiences. Similar surveys will target current undergraduate and graduate students, prospective students, prospective parents, guidance counselors, higher education peers, business and elected leaders, employers, and other key groups across the country.

Earlier in the research process, SimpsonScarborough met with 250 faculty and staff members and more than 150 people from our external audiences, through in-depth interview and focus groups. When complete, the interview and survey findings will inform the development of LMU’s new brand platform, a set of strategic recommendations that will serve as the blueprint for the university’s decision making, messaging, creative, and other efforts.

“We define our brand as what we stand for in the hearts and minds of the persons we are trying to reach, influence, and move to action,” said Kiralla. “Once we determine our brand, which answers questions about who we are based upon our mission, audience research, and a competitive analysis, we will be in an optimal position to accelerate the university’s renown.”

The brand platform will also guide communications, marketing, public relations, and outreach efforts on every level, addressing perceptions and shaping how the university presents itself. Katie Jones, LMU’s new brand manager, stated, “We envision the brand as a transformational opportunity for the university. However, our aspirations will only come to life when students, faculty, and staff become stronger brand champions, echoing the themes we collectively identify in the brand platform.”

The survey will be available for two weeks and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

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