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MISSION AND MINISTRY | First Year Retreat – FYR – is a light-hearted and relaxing atmosphere, and a great opportunity for first-year students and leaders to meet each other, form new friendships, reflect and pray together, and look ahead to their time at Loyola Marymount University. This year, the program enabled more than 300 freshmen, transfer students and leaders to get away, play and pray in a welcoming environment. Many students say that during their First Year Retreat they form friendships that last throughout their LMU careers.

Reflection from Freshman David Beaird:
“Last weekend, I was given the opportunity to practice my faith, have meaningful discussions and develop lasting friendships on LMU’s First Year Retreat. My leaders and our group engaged in powerful conversations, reflected on significant questions and explored what it means to be human. We prayed, we laughed and we sang along to fun music. I’ve always challenged myself to see God in all things, and on Pali Mountain I saw God in each person in my small group. Through their humor, warm smiles, uplifting spirits and kind words, I felt God working in my life. I am blessed to say that First Year Retreat will be a memory that I will cherish forever. I now look forward to further developing the relationships made on FYR and creating a new home within the LMU community.”

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