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Gregory Boyle,S.J.,M.A.’85 will participate in a variety of campus events on Feb. 13.

MISSION AND MINISTRY | For Gregory Boyle, S.J., M.A. ’85, storytelling is who he is. Wrapped up in his vignettes of hardship, healing and “homies” are powerful messages of hope, compassion and inclusivity. Father Boyle defines this as kinship and explores its power in his latest book “Barking to the Choir.”

Father Boyle will participate in a lineup of campus events on Feb. 13 that will help LMU students, faculty and staff think more deeply about the doctrine of kinship and how it can be applied to our mission and work. The entire LMU community is invited and encouraged to attend his keynote presentation at 2:45 p.m. at Burns Recreation Center Back Court.

As founder of Homeboy Industries, Father Boyle has helped to transform the lives of countless men and women who have been incarcerated and involved with gangs. He affectionately refers to these men and women as “homies” and credits them for giving him everything of value in his life. As often as possible, he invites them to participate in his public appearances and a couple will be joining him at LMU.

Father Boyle is a popular speaker known for connecting people and drawing a crowd, so don’t miss the opportunity to hear and learn from him and the homies. For more information on A Day of Kinship and to RSVP, visit: bellarmine.lmu.edu/fatherg


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