Honors Program Gets an Address

HONORS PROGRAM | Loyola Marymount University’s Honors Program is getting a house to call its own.

The off-campus Honors House will be adjacent to campus, near the Loyola Boulevard entrance, and will advance the mission of a signature academic unit.

“It’s wonderful that Loyola Marymount University’s flagship intellectual program will have such a space,” said Vandana Thadani, director of the University Honors Program and associate professor of psychology. “The Honors House will bring together the three pillars of our program — coursework, intellectual immersion, and community — into an actual physical space.”

Honors House will include: common areas for shared meals and conversation between students and faculty members; a seminar/conference room; an administrative office; and importantly, living spaces accommodating a small number of third- and fourth-year honors students. “What a great resource this will be for a program whose mission it is to create a vibrant and close-knit intellectual community for its students,” Thadani added. “The students, and all of us in Honors, are delighted.”

Executive Vice President and CAO Lynne Scarboro and Executive Vice President and Provost Tom Poon spearheaded the effort to make Honors House become a reality, recognizing the special role that such a space can give to a program whose mission is to create a vibrant intellectual community for its students. Honors House will bring together the core features of the program into a defined, physical space.

The first cohort of residents is expected to take residence in August 2019, and the director and administrators are devising a system for students to apply to live there. The program will retain its current offices in University Hall.

In addition to the slate of demanding courses that form the core of the curriculum, the Honors Program annually publishes “Attic Salt,” which showcases the academic and creative work of students at LMU and other Jesuit colleges and universities.