Provost Office Hour Returns

ACADEMICS | Provost Tom Poon’s door is open and he wants to hear from students, faculty and staff.

The Provost Office Hour, which he initiated in fall 2017, happens every Thursday (except in the case of travel conflicts), from 9 to 10 a.m. “Through office hours, I’ve had the opportunity to meet more of the LMU community than otherwise would have been possible,” said Poon. “They’ve been a helpful way to learn about important matters before they become major issues for the university.”

An appointment for the Provost Office Hour can be made on the provost’s sign-up page, with the sign-up period beginning on the Tuesday before. It is advised that anyone interested in meeting with the provost check back weekly as his calendar can change and some travel and commitments may conflict.

“People think that office hour visits are all about bad news,” Poon said, “but folks come in for a variety of reasons, such as to introduce themselves, to talk about their work, to see my office for the first time, and more.”

Poon added that this open approach has helped him get to know LMU through the eyes of the people most affected by his decisions. Poon had successfully instituted administrative office hours at previous administrative posts and has equaled that success at LMU. “My sincere thanks to all who have utilized my office hours so far,” Poon said.