Inclusive Excellence Grants and Awards: Call for Proposals and Award Nominations

UNIVERSITY BULLETINS | The Office of the Vice President for Intercultural Affairs invites grant proposals in the areas of research and projects. 

  • The Inclusive Excellence Higher Education Research Grant supports higher education research that produces new institutional-specific knowledge that helps LMU achieve its mission and support the university’s inclusive excellence goals. ($5000)
  • The Inclusive Excellence Project Grant promotes the development of new and sustainable recruitment, retention, and campus climate projects that help LMU achieve its mission and support the university’s inclusive excellence goals. ($3000)

The Office also provides up to four monetary awards for faculty, staff, and a staff team. An additional award is given to a student organization whose contributions and actions exemplify and advance LMU’s commitment to inclusive excellence.

  • Inclusive Excellence Scholarship or Creative Works Award honors faculty whose career of scholarship or creative work significantly contributed to LMU’s understanding of or appreciation for groups that have been under-studied in society. ($2500)
  • Inclusive Excellence Upper Division Course Transformation Award honors faculty who transformed the curriculum by redesigning upper division courses that focused on traditional concepts. ($2500)
  • Inclusive Excellence Exemplary Higher Education Leadership Award honors administrators, faculty, and staff for their exemplary contribution to creating a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment in academic departments or other institutional units. ($1000)
  • Inclusive Excellence Exceptional Staff Team Award honors a diverse team of individuals whose performance extended beyond expectations and has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to helping achieve LMU’s mission. ($2500 to be divided amongst the team)
  • Inclusive Excellence Intercultural Programming Award honors student organizations whose inclusive intercultural programs attracted and served diverse groups of students in the campus community. ($500)

Proposals and nominations are due March 27, 2019.

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