Interim Changes to Student Conduct Code Processes: Doe v. Allee, 30 Cal.App.5th 1036 (2019)

Dear LMU Community,

We write to inform the LMU Community about a recent California court of appeal decision that mandates certain present changes to sexual and interpersonal misconduct processes at California colleges and universities.

Specifically, in Doe v. Allee, 30 Cal.App.5th 1036 (2019) the Second District Court of Appeal held that when a student accused of sexual misconduct faces severe disciplinary sanctions and the credibility of witnesses (including a Complainant) is central to the adjudication, fundamental fairness requires that the university provide a mechanism by which the accused may cross-examine those witnesses at a hearing in which the witnesses appear in person or by other technological means.

As a result of this appellate court decision, the Office of Student Conduct and Community Responsibility is implementing interim changes to sexual and interpersonal misconduct related Student Conduct Code proceedings. As mandated by the Allee decision, these changes will apply prospectively to all currently pending cases as well as new cases. These changes are presently considered to be interim changes because in November 2018 the U.S. Department of Education published proposed new Title IX regulations covering some of this same subject matter. The comment period on those proposed new regulations recently closed and LMU, along with all others colleges and universities, is awaiting notice and publication of new regulations. Once these new Title IX regulations are published, LMU will undertake a review of all of its Title IX processes, including student conduct proceedings, to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

It is important to note that these mandated interim changes will not in any way alter, impair nor diminish the support and resources provided by LMU and LMU CARES.

For additional information regarding revisions to the Student-on-Student Sexual & Interpersonal Misconduct Process, please visit the Office of Student Conduct & Community Responsibility’s website.


Terri L. Mangione, Ph.D.
Dean of Students/Vice President of Student Affairs

Sara N. Trivedi
Title IX Coordinator