2018/2019 Performance Review Deadline Approaching

HUMAN RESOURCES | The 2018/2019 performance review cycle is quickly approaching the self-evaluation deadline of Friday, June 21. All staff are required to complete their self-evaluation. You can access reviews utilizing your LMU credentials through my.lmu.edu > System Logins > PeopleAdmin.


  • Supervisors are responsible for initiating the plan in the system to kick-off the review process. This is what enables your staff to complete the self-evaluation.
  • All staff members have access to PeopleAdmin to review and acknowledge the plan.
  • Self-evaluations are required and due by June 21. There is an option to opt out by noting N/A in any of the fields.
  • The new rating scale includes Exceeding Expectations, Meeting Expectations and Opportunity for Improvement and should be completed in each module where requested.
  • Reviews are stored electronically and do not need to be printed or sent to HR.
  • All reviews are due by July 12.



Training is available for both supervisors and non-supervisors. We highly recommend attendance to view the PeopleAdmin module layout, learn about new features and ask questions on how to conduct performance reviews. Training will be available through June 18.

Don’t wait, register for PeopleAdmin Training Sessions now! If you cannot identify a session that works for you, here is access to the PeopleAdmin Training Video.

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