2018-19 Performance Review Cycle Concludes July 12

HUMAN RESOURCES | The 2018/2019 performance review cycle will conclude Friday, July 12. Supervisors and all staff members can access reviews utilizing their LMU credentials through my.lmu.edu > System Logins > PeopleAdmin.


  • Complete performance reviews are due by Friday, July 12. Supervisors are responsible for completing the review and meeting with staff members by the due date.
  • Staff members are responsible for acknowledging receipt of the performance review within the online system.
  • Utilize the PeopleAdmin Training Video to assist in completing the performance review.

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  • Ivana Hazboun: 310.338.3809 or Ext. 83809
    Academic Affairs, Facilities Management, Loyola Law School, President’s Office
  • Brandi Tate: 310.258.8780 or Ext. 88780
    Administration, Finance

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