Get to Know Our New DPS Captains

LMU Public Safety welcomed two new captains to the force in August. We recently sat down with Sal Arevalo and Terence McAllister ’85, to learn more about them both personally and professionally.

What is your background in law enforcement?
Sal Arevalo:  I have 17 years of total campus safety experience. I graduated from USC, and graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy in 2006. Most recently, I was captain of OTIS Campus Safety.
Terence McAllister: I graduated with a business degree from LMU in 1985.  This obviously led me to a career in law enforcement. I worked at the Whittier Police Department for 26 years in patrol, detectives, and as a sergeant before retiring in 2016. I was too young to be retired and I wanted to stay in public service, so after for two months, I came to LMU as a shift supervisor in 2017.  As positions opened up, I was fortunate enough to be promoted to LMU watch commander and now captain.

Sal Arevalo 200x300 - Get to Know Our New DPS Captains
Captain Sal Arevalo

What about LMU drew you to the bluff?
SA: The beauty and location of the campus made it a unique place to work, and the quality and the kindness of the people made it an easy sell.
TM: I think the campus is beautiful, and it definitely makes it easier to come to work. Toward the end of my law enforcement career, I thought it would be a nice place to work and stay in public safety.  I wanted to have a job that was a little slower paced (and safer!) than what I was used to.

What’s your favorite part of your job?
SA: My fav part of the job is the students. I love the energy and enthusiasm that they bring to campus.
TM: I like interacting with the different people on campus, my co-workers, the students, the staff. I enjoy working as a team to make the campus as safe and efficient as possible.

What issues do you deal with most often, during the school year?
SA: Lost OneCards. Please, keep them in your wallets.
TM: It really varies.  Sometimes there will be a lot of building access, sometimes there will be a few parties on a weekend. The nice thing about LMU is that it is very safe, and the problems we face are fairly minor.

What’s one of the craziest things you’ve witnessed in your career?
SA: I once responded to a noise complaint at a USC party and there were four Marilyn Monroe impersonators waiting for me at the door.
TM: In my career at LMU, pretty tame stuff. One time there was a loud party in a dorm and there were about 44 students inside – they were hiding everywhere. As a police officer, I can’t say – I’d get in trouble. Track me down and I’ll share some stories.

Terence McAlister - Get to Know Our New DPS Captains
Captain Terence McAllister ’85

If you could have one super power to apply towards you job, what would it be?
SA: The power to move at speed of light, so I can meet everyone’s needs simultaneously.
TM: It would probably be the ability to fly; I’d be able to get around campus quicker, and it would certainly help my commute home.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
SA: I love going to my local UFC to box and I love watching baseball
TM: I enjoy spending time with my wife and children.

If you could choose any person as your ride-along partner, who would it be and why?
SA: General Eisenhower. He was a great organizational leader.
TM: I don’t know what law enforcement background he has, but I think it would be Thomas Edison. He was brilliant and really changed the way Americans lived.

If you weren’t a DPS captain, what job would you have?
SA: Probably a programmer or accountant.
TM: It’s a little late to change now, but maybe something in health care; it would be very rewarding to help people in that capacity.

What destination is No. 1 on your travel bucket list?
SA: I really want to go to London and Rome.
TM: I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, but now I don’t know if I could tolerate that long a flight. I’d also like to take a long road trip throughout the United States.

If you could instill one thing in LMU students for a safe and rewarding school year, what would it be?
SA: Make good choices. Don’t do something that could affect your future in a negative way. One bad decision could really have lasting ramifications, so think before you act.
TM: Remember that it’s up to you how far and successful you want your education to take you.