Part-Time Faculty Compensation Changes

HUMAN RESOURCES | Part-time faculty at Loyola Marymount University are now paid on an hourly basis, rather than per credit unit. This transition from salaried to hourly status was planned in close consultation with college/school leadership. Consistent with the Faculty Handbook, there will be two pay rates: lecturer and senior lecturer.

Part-time lecturers were informed mid-summer and Human Resources provided trainings in late August for department chairs and part-time faculty.

On short notice, LMU administration communicated, coordinated, and collaborated as the university adhered to the requirements of California labor law, and will continue to work closely with each other. The administration is working to support individual faculty and staff members to navigate new processes, questions and issues as they emerge.

Human Resources has created a helpful page with information pertaining to the change, including the rationale and implications – Part-Time Faculty Compensation Changes.

The associate dean/ part-time faculty liaison, department chairs or dean are available to answer questions and concerns.