One-for-One Tree Replanting Keeps LMU Green

FACILITIES MANAGEMENT | Many Lions are familiar with LMU’s green initiatives, but did you know that sustainability extends to LMU’s landscaping? For any tree removed on campus, Facilities Management will replant a new sapling as part of its one-for-one program.

“We only remove trees if they are hazardous or dangerous, such as leaning, falling, or poisonous to other trees nearby,” says Brittnee Wadlington, who oversees the program through Facilities Management. “But anytime we remove a tree, we keep careful record to make sure it is replaced.”

Discerning eyes may have noticed a few more open spaces on the bluff this fall, with construction activity by the old Sullivan and Huesman halls site and the removal of palm trees outside Gersten Pavillion. But healthy replacements will be integral to the improvement projects, as part of LMU’s commitment to green sustainability in all forms.