LMU Strategic Planning Process Announced

Dear LMU Community:

During my Convocation Address last week, I announced a university-wide strategic planning process to determine LMU’s highest priorities for the next five years (2021-26). For context, you may read the full transcript of my address, in which I describe this process and its aims.

Our strategic planning process will be led by a steering committee composed of leaders from our student, faculty, staff, and trustee communities. John Parrish, professor of political science and special assistant to the president, will chair the steering committee. The members can be found here.

I will charge the committee to produce a focused plan with a small number of priorities to steer our course for the next five years. The committee will have two main tasks:

  • The steering committee will lead a university-wide process of institutional learning about our values, opportunities, alternatives, and priorities.
  • The steering committee will be responsible for envisioning and drafting a strategic plan based on the results from this learning process; for obtaining community feedback and revising the draft plan, appropriately; and for submitting a revised plan for me to review, finalize, and share with the Board of Trustees in December 2020.

As part of our information gathering, you will soon receive an invitation to participate in a survey. Please participate; your feedback will help identify key issues the university needs to address and potential elements that will guide our institutional strategy.

I thank our entire community for engaging in this process and for your continuing devotion to LMU, its students, and our shared future.

With sincere appreciation and thanks,

Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D.