DNC Debate: Tickets, Volunteers, Safety

UNIVERSITY NEWS | Within minutes of the announcement that Loyola Marymount University will host the sixth Democratic presidential debate on Dec. 19, possibilities, opportunities, and questions sprang to the minds of many LMU community members. As we prepare for this monumental event in the university’s history, committees and departments are preparing to put LMU’s best efforts to work to allow us to shine on a national stage.

While there is much to do in the coming weeks, here are a few items of interest that can be addressed.

Ticket Information
The Democratic National Committee is in charge of ticketing for the debate. While LMU is working closely with our debate partners and co-hosts to obtain tickets, the DNC has not confirmed how many tickets will be provided to the university. We anticipate that seating will be extremely limited. As further details become available, we will post updates to the DNC debate website. The DNC has shared an online form to request tickets. While the university provides the link for your convenience, we do not endorse nor support donations to political candidates, campaigns, or parties. University funds may not be used to make contributions, as articulated in the university’s Political Campaigning Policy.

Volunteer Information
We are currently exploring participation and volunteer opportunities. LMU recognizes that hosting a presidential debate presents a unique opportunity to engage our community in the democratic process. If you are interested in participating as a volunteer, please fill out this form.

Watch Party Information
Yes, we anticipate developing plans for campus watch parties, dependent on the availability of facilities. We will share details in the weeks ahead as those programs are developed.

Campus Safety
The safety of the LMU community is and will remain our highest priority. As the date of the debate approaches, LMU Public Safety and university leadership will work with local, state, and federal law enforcement to keep the campus community safe for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Candidates’ beliefs
As a leading intellectual center, LMU values diversity, a principle expressed through varying viewpoints. Our educational environment is enriched by a free exchange of ideas as LMU seeks to model a culture of inclusivity, honoring multiple perspectives and championing civil discourse, which is often missing in the current political climate. Hosting this event continues LMU’s long-standing tradition of rigorous inquiry, debate, and civic engagement.

Please direct all inquiries related to the debate and affiliated programming to LMU’s Public and Media Relations team at news@lmu.edu.