STUDENT AFFAIRS | The Faculty and Staff Advisor Application for the Alternative Breaks program is seeking a Faculty/Staff advisor for AB Belize taking place during spring break, March 7-14. The Center for Service & Action (CSA) invites all full-time faculty/staff to apply! This trip is co-sponsored by the College of Science & Engineering. You can download the application here. The deadline to apply is on a rolling basis until the position is filled. 

The Alternative Breaks program is one of the CSA’s many ways to engage students in social justice issues that are local, national and international.  Our trips provide educational, and community immersion experiences for participants on pressing domestic and global issues during the winter, spring or summer breaks.  

AB Belize focuses on conducting a public health campaign with local students and community members on issues such as malnutrition and communicable diseases.

Faculty and staff are invited to participate in the AB program as advisors to our student leaders for each of the trips.  This involves a commitment to attend pre-trip educational meetings, accompany the students on the trip, serve as a resource, and support the students after the trip to develop a post-trip action. 

Faculty and staff costs are subsidized by CSA or by your college.  Please seek your supervisor or Dean’s approval prior to applying. 

Applications for Faculty and Staff are due on a rolling basis to