New Year, New Look for LEO

STUDENT AFFAIRSLEO, Loyola Marymount University’s online student engagement platform, has a new and improved look, Student Affairs announced. LEO is the resource for students to create their life outside the classroom through events, service opportunities and ways to develop each Lion into a leader.

As the spring semester begins, Student Affairs encourages students to take full advantage of the plethora of opportunities, which include experiences outside the classroom. From service and volunteerism to diversity and spirituality, from practicing wellness to finding a purpose, LMU offers something for everyone. Student Affairs is excited to help students create their Student EXPerience and build their life outside of the classroom with all of the new features that LEO has to offer.

The new LEO platform comes with a mobile app called Corq, specifically designed to find on-campus events and service opportunities. Download the Corq app, powered by Campus Labs, from a mobile device on Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

LEO also now features an Event Pass to check-in at events fast and keep track of involvement at LMU. The LEO Event Pass is a personalized QR code saved to Google Pay or Apple Wallet for use at all campus events. Save the LEO Event Pass to a mobile device to use over and over again at events.

Download the LEO Event Pass from the Corq mobile app by:

  • Select “Loyola Marymount University;”
  • Click the back arrow in the top left corner and tap “Sign in to your campus;”
  • Click the back arrow in the top left corner and tap “Event Pass;”
  • Tap the bottom button to save the “Event Pass” to Google Pay or Apple Wallet;
  • Scan in at LMU events using the personalized “Event Pass” to snag swag and prizes.

With new functionality and a new mobile app, LEO now offers a full range of tools and opportunities, including:

  • Discover Events – Check out the new “Events” tab to find experiences that provide challenges to be a well-rounded Lion and leader who will go out and transform the world;
  • Connect with Organizations – Check the “Organizations” tab to learn about and connect with one of over 200 student organizations on campus. Also, get details for creating a new, registered student organization here;
  • Get the Latest News – Departments and organizations can now share “News” posts to stay up-to-date on what’s happening with each organization;
  • Service Opportunities – Check out the new “Service” tab, powered by GivePulse, to find ways to give back and volunteer at local nonprofit organizations;.
  • Scan to Check-In at Events – Use the new LEO Event Pass to get checked in fast at on-campus events with a QR code tailored to you;
  • Better search functionality – Use the new and improved search bar right on LEO’s homepage to find events, organizations, news and forms;
  • Perks – Learn where to find free things on campus by selecting the events tab and searching by “Perks” such as free food or free stuff like swag or prizes;
  • Track involvement – LEO offers tools for students to manage and track their involvement and experiences at LMU, including organization membership, leadership roles, awards/honors, attendance at educational and service-related events, conferences and much more;
  • Campus-wide elections – LEO now features tools to host campus-wide elections such as ASLMU and GSLMU student government elections happening this spring;
  • Baseline – an integrated and comprehensive data assessment tool to analyze LMU’s student engagement captured by LEO. Baseline will help provide valuable insight into each way students are connecting to organizations, service and leadership opportunities and help staff and faculty discover ways in which the co-curricular environment at LMU can better support students in developing and enriching their life outside the classroom.

Registered student organization leaders are required to attend at least one LEO learning session this week to get information and learn about the new features LEO has to offer. If you are an adviser for a registered student organization or a departmental student program, make sure to remind your student leaders to RSVP for one of the LEO Learning training sessions.

Login at to see the new features and opportunities LEO has to offer. If there are questions or for more information on LEO learning training sessions for students, staff or faculty, please contact