Prayer for Peace

The frightening events of violence that have been visited upon God’s people this past week inspire us to strive for peace.  The barriers, borders and walls that separate us from God and divide us from one another whether they be physical or due to broken relationships compel us to work for peace.  The lives that are lost every day in any one of the more than 40 armed conflicts in the world happening right now move us to pray for peace.  So, this is what we will do.  We will strive, work, move, and pray for peace. 

On Thursday, Jan. 16, at 2 p.m., the LMU community will gather on the steps of Sacred Heart Chapel to pray for peace.  

Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, people of all faith traditions and believers and non-believers and those who question, we will gather.  We will gather to pray aloud and in silence for peace.  And, we pray for light, wisdom, and patience to scatter the darkness of fear and hate.  We will stand together – students, faculty, staff and alumni.  Those who remember past wars will stand and pray for a peace so that those who have never seen war will not know it now in their lifetime.  We will strive, work, move and pray because we are bound and we are bound.