Campus Teams Will Examine Issues

STRATEGIC PLANNING | This week, work begins among eight Strategic Planning Campus Teams to analyze and imagine LMU’s future across several key issue areas.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee commissioned the Campus Teams to leverage the expertise and diverse perspectives of LMU’s faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to help analyze and solve the university’s most significant challenges. To do this, the committee is enlisting the help of Campus Teams to assist in defining the contours of several potential strategic issues facing LMU and to brainstorm potential goals and actions.

The Campus Teams, listed here, will examine their assigned issue through two main lenses: mission and competitiveness.

  • Under mission, the teams will ask: What will enhance our ability to pursue our threefold mission of the encouragement of learning, the education of the whole person, and the service of faith and the promotion of justice in the Catholic, Jesuit and Marymount traditions?
  • Under competitiveness, the teams will inquire: What will enhance our ability to compete effectively as an institution of higher education in a rapidly changing environment – advancing our national and international reputation, helping to recruit and retain our best faculty, staff, and student prospects, and maximizing our comparative advantage as a provider of educational services?

The Campus Team Topics are:

  • Access, Affordability, and Enrollment Success
  • Curricular and Co-Curricular Learning
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Innovative and Inclusive Pedagogy and Curriculum
  • Interdisciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary Academics
  • “Non-Traditional” Education
  • R2: LMU as a “High Research Activity” University
  • Student Success and Student Resiliency

The Campus Teams will report to the Steering Committee through a briefing memo that identifies overall goals or outcomes that should be aimed for related to the issue; potential barriers to achieving those goals or outcomes; and potential strategies the committee might pursue, including pros and cons of each. These reports will be circulated to the full university community in March.

Questions or comments from the LMU community regarding any of the issues the Campus Teams will be exploring can be submitted here.