Active Shooter Preparedness: Do You Know What To Do?

DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY | February is Active Shooter Preparedness Month, and though the chances of being involved in an incident are statistically very low, it is important that all Lions are equipped with the necessary knowledge to face dangerous circumstances.

The key to preparedness for all emergencies is learning and practicing what to do.


  • Watch the online training video. If you would like additional assistance, or if you have questions regarding how to apply RUN.HIDE.FIGHT. in your classroom or office, request a training from Public Safety here.
  • Keep safety tips on hand.
    • For your cellphone – download the free Rave Guardian mobile app and activate it with your LMU email address;
    • Stop by Public Safety in Foley Annex for wallet cards and other printed materials;
    • Review the RUN.HIDE.FIGHT. method.
    • Register for LMU Alert. Public Safety will send important information and tips during the drill as they would during an emergency. For instructions on registering, click here.


  • Participate in the Campus-Wide Active Shooter Drill on Feb. 20 at 10 a.m. and again at 7:40 p.m. for faculty and students with evening classes.
    • During the drill, you are encouraged to identify your emergency exits; practice hiding wherever you are; and have a discussion with those around you about how you would RUN.HIDE.FIGHT. in that space;
    • Materials will be distributed to classrooms, colleges and schools, and emergency response team members;
    • You can also find discussion questions here;
    • Mark your calendar with the drill here.
  • Use this checklist to assess your readiness. Click here to print out the checklist or review it on your phone.

Remember, in the event of any life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 as soon as it is safe to do so, then call LMU Public Safety if possible. TIP – If you use the Rave Guardian mobile app to contact Public Safety, they will be alerted to your location on campus. Otherwise, program Public Safety’s phone number, 310.338.2893, in your phone to minimize delays in getting the help you need.

For more information on emergency preparedness at LMU, visit here.