An LMU Tribute to First Responders

CAMPUS MINISTRY | Each year, as the Church gathers to celebrate the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, it confronts Jesus’ powerful gesture of love and service found in John’s Gospel where Jesus washes the feet of his disciples and gives them the command “to love one another as I love you.”

Even though, Christians were unable to physically gather together this year to participate in the foot-washing ritual on Holy Thursday, we are moved to think of those individuals who are giving of themselves to and for others. It is the first responders who are living out this selflessness every day, but especially in these times.

Chris de Silva’s song “This Is How” is based on the Gospel reading of the Holy Thursday Liturgy (John 13.1-8) and the Corporal Works of Mercy is what provided the inspiration to create this tribute. That Chris dedicated this song to LMU affirmed the inspiration to create this tribute now and at this time.