Fall 2020 – Online Tuition Remission Application

HUMAN RESOURCES is pleased to announce that Fall 2020 Tuition Remission Online Applications are currently available. The automated application process is available to full-time benefit eligible faculty and staff members, as well as their qualified spouse and dependent children.


  • You must meet the Tuition Remission eligibility requirements before filling out an application. Click here to see if you qualify for this benefit or log onto https://admin.lmu.edu/hr/totalrewards/benefits/full-time/otherbenefits/
  • Electronic applications will be required for every semester the tuition remission benefit is intended for.
  • If you are applying for yourself AND a family member, you will need to complete two separate applications.
  • Benefits-eligible faculty and staff members will receive an automated notification that the application was submitted
  • Once Human Resources verifies eligibility, another notice will be emailed detailing status of the application.
  • Submission deadline for Fall Semester is the first day of class – Monday August 31, 2020. Applications will no longer be accepted after the deadline.
  • Future deadlines will be posted and due on or before the first day of class for each semester.

Additional Questions?
Contact Beverly Clayton

Email: Beverly.Clayton@lmu.edu

Email: tuitionremission@lmu.edu