LMU Alumni BBQ Time Capsule

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Dave Sofi ’65

ALUMNI ENGAGEMENT | The start of the academic year signifies to many the close of summer and the coming of LMU’s annual Alumni BBQ. While we cannot celebrate in person this year due to safety, Alumni Engagement is marking the occasion with an LMU Alumni BBQ Time Capsule and invites you to contribute your memories.

We’re asking alumni, faculty and staff to share your stories and photos of past Alumni BBQs, or how you plan to celebrate at home this year. Who have you met at the BBQ? Did the BBQ reconnect you with a former student? Have you ever volunteered? Do you usually bring your family? What will you be grilling at home this year instead? We will share these stories and photos with you after the BBQ!

Alumnus Dave Sofi ’65, wrote, “If only I was 2,554 miles closer, I would attend my first Alumni BBQ. I regret leaving the campus for the last time in June 1965. It was the last time because I never found the time — no, took the time — to revisit what is now a cherished memory.

“It is only now, as I look back from the twilight years of my life that I see how those four years molded me into my success. People ask me to identify the reason for my accomplishments. My answer is that my university education forged a well-rounded individual, perhaps a Renaissance man. A man who would combine — almost like alchemy — his interests in statistics, chemistry, physiology, pharmacology, physics, management systems, and computer science, to save from the dustbin the drug that was to become the most successful breast cancer treatment of the time. A drug that resulted in millions of women gaining a better quality of life; some even cures; some even preventing breast cancer.

“My experience at Loyola forged the ability and drive to spend the last two decades as a first responder.

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“My resume lists marketing research analyst, research manager, product marketing manager, director of marketing, corporate consultant, small business owner, car salesman, ropes-course trainer, tactical commander, and paramedic. I say I have been blessed with breadth of skills to follow exciting paths through varied fields. I have retired twice, and I get to spend my final years caring for my special-needs great-granddaughter. How very blessed I am.”

To share your story with Alumni Engagement and be a part of the first LMU Alumni BBQ Time Capsule, send stories and photos to alumni@lmu.edu.