Dear LMU Community,

Today the Strategic Planning Steering Committee is pleased to share our preliminary report summarizing our discussions and findings thus far as we prepare to propose a new strategic plan to guide LMU from 2021-26.

The preliminary report includes draft statements describing our mission, core values, and strategic vision, as well as a summary of our environmental scan process and a description of nine strategic issues we have identified as potentially significant for LMU’s future. A brief (homemade) video introducing the process can be found here.

Over the next few weeks we invite community feedback about our work thus far and the choices still ahead. In partnership with Mission and Ministry, we have designed a set of innovative community discernment focus groups, in which all faculty and staff are invited to participate, utilizing Ignatian communal discernment techniques to elicit community feedback in a small group setting. These sessions will be facilitated by fellow colleagues and we will offer them at multiple days and times for your convenience: you can sign up for a session here.

Members of the steering committee will also visit a number of student, faculty, staff, administrative and board standing leadership groups to obtain further input.

We are excited to engage the community about how best to move LMU forward and position our institution for long-term success. Please take advantage of the opportunity to participate in shaping our plans for the future.


John M. Parrish
Chair, Strategic Planning Steering Committee