A Prayer for the Armenian Community

Our Armenian student community, offers a prayer for peace and justice for the Armenian people, composed by Natalie Janji,’16, undergraduate alumna and current graduate student in School of Education. 

Dear God,

Your diaspora of Armenian children are suffering, as they watch their homeland be attacked by those who seek to eradicate them once more. Innocent young lives have been taken, homes and churches have been destroyed, and civilians have been displaced. The Armenian fight has always been an existential one.

They have been crying out for You, Lord. Where are You in their time of need? Why have You abandoned them?

But God, You are in all things.

May they feel Your presence from the advocates who amplify their voices after a century of being silenced, those who gain nothing for standing by the truth, and those who reach out to let them know that they are not fighting alone.

We pray for a global shift of mind and heart, that those who are indifferent become compassionate for their cause. May we become soldiers of the truth to protect this indigenous people and culture.

May Armenians find peace by turning their anger into action. May the support of the international community be a reason to turn their despair into hope. May their fight find an ending where all can live in peace, and from there rebuild a more beautiful Republic of Artsakh and Armenia.

May we use the century-long fight of Armenians as an inspiration to expand our love for one another, and to protect those most vulnerable in our society.

In Jesus’s name. Amen.