Workday Spotlight: Employee Self Service and Career Profile

LMU This Week will spotlight a different feature of Workday each month, in anticipation of the university’s June 27 transition to Workday for all Human Resources and financial processes. This inaugural installment takes a deeper look at two of Workday’s HR headlining capabilities: Employee Self Service and Career Profiles.

Employee Self Service
Employee Self Service (ESS) allows all LMU staff and faculty the ability to view and, in many cases, update their personal HR, benefits, and payroll information.

In Employee Self Service, you can access:

  • Personal Information: Manage personal details, including preferred name, home address, professional photo, and emergency contact info;
  • Benefits: View and update benefit elections during open enrollment or qualifying life events, and manage dependents and beneficiaries;
  • Employment Information: View current job details (position, title, hire date), compensation changes, and academic appointment details;
  • Payroll: View pay slips (starting July 15) and W-2 info (beginning in 2022), view and update W-4, and view and update direct deposit info.
  • Please note: while all payroll processes will be rolled over to Workday, ADP iPay will still be available for existing LMU employees, if they so choose. New hires joining LMU after the Workday go-live will not have access to ADP iPay.

Anything personal in ESS, such as direct deposit selections and benefits enrollment, are only visible to the employee, not to anyone else. Only your direct supervisor will be able to see your position, contact, emergency contact info and compensation details.

Career Profile
In Workday, LMU faculty and staff can populate their career/work experience, education and certifications, professional affiliations, and achievements into a profile that serves as your internal resume.

Career profiles give managers a deeper understanding and appreciation for their employees’ strengths, education, and accomplishments, which can help better inform professional development conversations with employees and identify strengths and opportunities across their team’s experience.

Employees may populate as much or as little information into their career profile as they wish. Career profiles are visible to managers within direct reporting structures, including your direct supervisor, their direct supervisor, etc. Additionally, career profiles will also help showcase faculty and staff qualifications, should they choose to apply for another position within LMU –job applications will not be visible to current supervisors.

To learn more about Workday and how it will help LMU and faculty and staff, please visit