A Lenten/Spring Break Message from the Center for Ignatian Spirituality

MISSION AND MINISTRY | Spring break will be welcome, but why wait until then, when we can begin now a spiritual experience with moments of mini-breaks that will enable us to rejoice in the new life of spring?

The word Lenten derives from an Old English word for spring season. For many, the Lenten experience is a preparation for the religious celebration of Easter. Yet for all of us, our Lenten experience can be consciously focusing attention on some present aspect of our lives that needs healing. We can then celebrate the renewed life exemplified in the visible manifestations of a true spring season.

Taking daily mini breaks provide more immediate beneficial effects rather than scheduled times when we will be able to rest and restore our depleted energies. We are often tired and frayed in ways that we don’t always perceive or understand. This could be a spiritual weariness, having given all that we could to our work and other activities. We need more than a spring break to replenish our powers of caring for what we do and for whom we do it.

Let us take momentary pauses between classes, meetings, tasks, or any other event, so that we can acknowledge and be grateful for the good intentions with which we finish whatever we were doing. Recognizing the care we have put into our recent efforts will support us to continue in the same manner. This also will allow for honest evaluation that may lead us to make wise decisions in the pace or intensity of our endeavors and enable us to put aside negative thoughts that may intrude on our good intentions.

Let us now begin the healing spiritual practice of mini breaks to lead us to rejoice in the new life of the spring season.

If you would like a guide to help you on this journey, The Center of Ignatian Spirituality will provide a printed guide full of reflections for faculty and staff this lenten season. The booklet will provide inspiration to maintain balance and find moments of peace in our busy lives. The booklet of daily reflections is available either in a single PDF file or by daily email from Feb. 17 to April 3. For a free digital booklet, please reply to ignacio@lmu.edu and indicate your preference for a PDF or daily email.
For a brief description of the booklet, or to purchase a printed copy, click here.