Law Students Gather to Pray from Around the World

MISSION AND MINISTRY | Across the globe in Brazil, LMU Loyola Law School student Paula Camila Pinto looks forward to Mondays at noon because every week she attends a virtual prayer offered by LLS Chaplain, Wayne Negrete, S.J. “The goal was to find a prayerful space where anyone could kind of drop in and pray with others to find personal and spiritual support,” said Negrete.

The daily virtual prayer service provides law students an opportunity to listen to the scripture of the day, pause for silence, have an opportunity to share, offer personal intentions and concludes with an ending prayer. “My favorite thing about it is just being able to hear myself talk and articulate things that I can’t talk about anywhere else,” said Pinto. “Sometimes, just hearing ourselves talk gives such relief and clarity. It’s also great to hear others and their reflections on several passages, especially in a space of kindness and exchange of hope and faith. It’s so valuable.”

Pinto enjoys seeing her classmates and attending the prayer service regularly has significantly deepened her faith. “As diverse as we may be, from whatever walk of life we may come, we are intimately connected through the God that lives within each of us,” said Pinot.  “There’s a timeless common thread that truly inspires me to trust and have faith, even – and maybe especially – for things and during times I feel the most lost and scared.” Students from India, Europe and America are all able to gather in this sacred space to support, pray, and care for one another. This is a very unique way to way for law students to connect from across the world.

Negrete appreciates the kindness and respect the group has for one another. He also recognizes that every student is different and lives out their spiritualty in distinct ways. “People are living out their spirituality in caring for their elderly parents and caring for their children during this time of Covid. It puts a tear in my eye,” said Negrete. “People are loving in very unique ways during this pandemic and they’re living out their faith.”

Negrete also offers spiritual direction to law students, faculty and staff. He believes it benefits the community a great deal, especially the law students because they are very focused, intelligent and very driven. Negrete says focusing on their spirituality will help them to be more wholistic. Pinto certainly agrees. “For me, personally, I feel the happiest when I’m taking steps in my career that align with my purpose in life. It makes it all easier because I believe in what I do!”