Proposed Strategic Plan, 2021-26

Dear LMU Community,

With pleasure and with gratitude, on behalf of the strategic planning steering committee, I share with you our final report, “Creating the World We Want to Live in, 2021-26.

President Snyder has reviewed and approved the report and intends to submit it to the Board of Trustees for approval at their May meeting. He believes, as do I, that the plan’s vision, commitments, and spotlight initiatives will move LMU forward and help achieve our tremendous potential in the coming years to impact the world for good.

Our revised plan has benefited in many ways from the feedback we received from LMU students, faculty, staff, and volunteer board leaders throughout this 18-month process. Your participation in multiple surveys, focus groups, campus teams, leadership bodies, and other forms of engagement has informed and enriched the final outcome.

As the committee’s chair, I especially want to thank and recognize the members of the strategic planning steering committee, named below, for their extraordinary deliberation, creativity, cooperation, and discernment in developing this plan. Throughout this process, working alongside them has continually renewed my own sense of joy and hope.

Our next steps – to define the outcomes, metrics, targets and timetables associated with the plan’s goals and actions – are described in the report’s concluding pages. I know we will continue to benefit from our community’s insights and imagination as we work together to realize our vision and fulfill LMU’s enduring educational mission.


John M. Parrish
Chair, Strategic Planning Steering Committee


Strategic Planning Steering Committee

  • John M. Parrish (Chair), Special Assistant to the President and Professor of Political Science
  • Bryant Keith Alexander, Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts and Professor of Communication and Performance Studies and Interim Dean of the LMU School of Film and Television
  • Ashley Armstrong, Deputy Athletic Director
  • José I. Badenes, S.J., Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education and Professor of Spanish
  • Katherine Brown, President of the Staff Senate and Director of Mission and Identity Programs
  • Marne Campbell, President of the Faculty Senate and Associate Professor of African-American Studies
  • Aaron Caplan, Professor of Law
  • S.W. Tina Choe, Dean of the Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering and Professor of Chemistry
  • André Enriquez, Graduate and Professional Student Representative
  • Patrick Frontiera, Vice President for Information Technology and Business Services
  • José Garcia Moreno, Professor of Animation and Interim Director, Academy of Catholic Thought and Imagination
  • Hilary Henderson, Intercultural Affairs (ex officio)
  • Nicole Hernandez, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Rebecca Hong, Senior Director of Educational Effectiveness and Assessment
  • Mary Beth Ingham, C.S.J., Trustee and Distinguished Scholar of Philosophy
  • Magaly Lavadenz, Distinguished Professor of English Learner Research, Policy, and Practice, and Executive Director of the Center for Equity for English Learners
  • Terri Mangione, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Thomas Poon, Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Rob Raichlen, Director of Internal Communications
  • Lynne Scarboro, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
  • Matt Stefl, Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing and Co-Director, M-School