Spotlight Initiative Teams Begin Work

LMU STRATEGIC PLANNING | The Spotlight Initiative implementation teams, a key component in Loyola Marymount University’s 2021-26 Strategic Plan, have been formed and begun their work. These teams, purposefully small and agile, are comprised of faculty, staff, and administrative members whose charge is to draft implementation plans for each spotlight initiative for community feedback, including recommended actions, timetables, resource requirements and metrics for success.

The five spotlight areas are: Learning for Justice, Inclusion, and Transformation; Integrative and Interdisciplinary Thinking; Personalized Connections; Discovery and Innovation in Graduate and Professional Education; and Access LMU.  

The teams will consult with a wide range of stakeholders, including sharing a draft implementation plan for feedback in the early fall, before submitting a revised plan to the Planning Advisory Council for review and approval later this year.

In addition to bringing focus to the vision and goals of the Strategic Plan and providing tools to put them into action, the spotlight teams will help coordinate action across units to advance each spotlight initiative, monitor progress on implementation, and advise the Planning Advisory Council on spotlight initiative needs and priorities.

Spotlight Team 1, Learning for Justice, Inclusion, and Transformation, will be led by Jennifer Abe, vice president for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and includes: Vanessa Miranda, director of Transfer Admission and Enrollment Services; Jade Smith, associate dean of Student Affairs; Mairead Sullivan, assistant professor of Women’s and Gender Studies; Heather Tarleton, associate dean of the LMU Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering; and on an interim basis, Rebecca Chandler, vice president for Human Resources, who will stand in until an HR DEI partner is hired.

Spotlight Team 2, Integrative and Interdisciplinary Thinking, will be led by Madhu Viswanathan, professor of marketing and faculty chair, and includes: Crista Copp, senior director of Research and Educational Technology Services; Roberta Espinoza, vice provost for Global-Local Initiatives; Karie Huchting, professor of educational leadership and director of the Center for Teaching Excellence; Jennifer Pate, associate dean for Undergraduate Education in LMU Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and professor of economics; and Paul Vu, Assistant Dean of Students.

Spotlight Team 3, Personalized Connections, will be led by Jennifer Belichesky-Larson, assistant vice provost for Strategic Initiatives, and includes: José Badenes, associate provost for Undergraduate Education; Patrick Frontiera, vice president for Information Technology and Business Services; Andrea Niemi, director of Student Leadership and Development; Martina Ramirez, professor of biology; and Michelle Young, dean and professor in the LMU School of Education.

Spotlight Team 4, Discovery and Innovation in Graduate and Professional Education, will be led by David Sapp, dean of Graduate Studies and vice provost for Academic Affairs, and includes: Ammar Dalal, assistant vice provost for Graduate Enrollment; Angela Rochat, executive director of research in Research and Sponsored Projects; Priya Sridharan, associate dean of the LMU Loyola Law School; Elizabeth Stoddard, associate professor of educational leadership; Nola Wanta, senior director of Recruiting and Relationship Management in the LMU College of Business Administration.

Spotlight Team 5, Access LMU, will be led by Maureen Weatherall, vice provost for Enrollment Management, and includes: Tina Choe, dean and professor of chemistry in the LMU Frank R. Seaver College of Science and Engineering; Rebecca Hong, assistant vice provost for Educational Effectiveness and Assessment; Amy Levin, clinical professor of law; Marianna Villa, executive director of strategic partnerships and initiatives; and Kat Weaver, associate provost for Research, Professional Development, and Online Education.