Fall Hiring for Student Employees Starts Aug. 1

Fall Hiring for Student Employees Starts Aug. 1

Among the many rewarding student experiences at Loyola Marymount University are the part-time employment opportunities, workshops and services, that Student Employment Services provides to further students’ professional development and post-graduate success. More than 3,400 LMU students have worked in more than 5,300 positions across campus in an average academic year. National reports and LMU retention statistics indicate that students who work are more successful because of the skills and experiences they obtain on the job.

Though the transition to Workday is new for everyone on campus, SES is working to make a smooth switch and assist campus employers with guidance.

The academic year work term is Aug. 22, 2021, to May 7, 2022. Campus employers can create a Job Requisition and start the recruitment process now, and begin hiring students for the academic year, although students cannot begin working until Aug. 22. Please note the last day of the summer work term is Aug. 21.

How to Hire Student Employees

A Job Requisition can be used to hire multiple students – the number of students can be indicated on the requisition. The employing unit will need to create separate Job Requisitions for Work Study and Non-Work Study positions, if both fund types are being used.

Once you are logged into Workday:

  1. Create a Job Requisition: Follow this step-by-step video tutorial to create a job requisition, or follow the instructions in the Create Job Requisition for Student Employees reference guide.
  2. Hire a Student: After a candidate has been chosen, select that student’s Workday profile and go to Actions under the student’s name. Click on Hire > Hire Student. Alternatively, if they are already an active employee, click on Job Change > Add Job. Complete all fields in the subsequent Hire Student page. The step-by-step instructions on page 2 of the Hire Students reference guide will be useful.
  3. Finalize the Hire: Review the Cost Center details, review the compensation details, and allocate the appropriate funding (work study or non-work study). Review the Business Process Overview section on page 3 of the Hire Students reference guide.

Once the hire is finalized, the job will be forwarded to your Cost Center Budget Specialist for review, and final approval by Student Employment Services (SES). Both the hiring manager and the student employee will receive a Workday notification once the process is complete.


Once a student’s hiring has been approved, they will receive a Workday notification to complete Onboarding tasks including: updating personal information, I-9 form completion, payment elections (direct deposit enrollment), and more. Students will receive full instructions, but they should be encouraged to follow the step-by-step instructions in the Student Onboarding reference guide.

NOTE: Both new and continuing student employees must complete an I-9 form in Workday. Please remind students that the I-9 process has changed. Students begin the I-9 process as an Onboarding task, and must also present identification to SES. Students may visit lmu.edu/ses for detailed instructions. 

Timesheet Approval

Once a student begins employment, they must begin clocking in/out for their work shifts in the Workday Time application. The hiring manager is responsible for approving their timesheets every pay period.

A Workday Inbox notification will be sent for timesheets requiring approval, which can be approved or denied directly from the Inbox. If there are multiple employees requiring approval, they can be searched for and selected in the “Review Time” report on the Workday dashboard, and approved as a team’s time at a glance. For more information on time tracking, review the Manage Your Team’s Time reference guide. Contact Payroll for any timekeeping or timesheet questions.


There are numerous reference guides and short videos in the “Workday Support” (lifebuoy icon) section of Workday – we encourage staff and faculty to utilize them. For any technical issues with Workday, the support team can be reached at workday@lmu.edu.