Internationalization Lab Peer Review Team Visits LMU

GLOBAL-LOCAL INITIATIVES | The Office of Global-Local Initiatives at LMU is excited to announce that the university is in the final stages of the American Council on Education’s Internationalization Lab. “We are well-positioned to begin implementation due to the LMU community’s enthusiastic engagement in the process that made our participation a resounding success,” said Roberta Espinoza, vice provost for Global-Local Initiatives and co-chair of the ACE Lab Steering Committee.

Since fall 2019, the ACE Lab team, comprised of faculty and staff from across the university, has engaged in a wide-ranging review of LMU’s internationalization efforts. The review included compiling data and holding listening sessions for faculty, staff, and students to develop a strategic and tactical plan for comprehensive internationalization at LMU.

As part of the final stages of the ACE Lab process, LMU welcomed for a virtual visit the ACE Lab external peer reviewers: Gil Latz, Ph.D., (Ohio State University; LMU’s ACE Lab advisor); Harvey Charles, Ph.D., (SUNY-Albany); and Kara Godwin, Ph.D., (director for internationalization at the American Council on Education). Each reviewer has years of experience and expertise in the field of international education at the university level. During their virtual visit, Oct. 27-29, they met with various stakeholders across campus to learn more about LMU’s internationalization efforts. The final report, produced by LMU’s ACE Lab Steering Committee, can be accessed here.

In the coming weeks, the reviewers will provide a written report of their observations and recommendations. This will be used to help guide LMU’s completion of the ACE Lab. As Jennifer Ramos, associate professor of political science and international relations and co-chair of the ACE Lab Steering Committee, noted, “We could not be more pleased that our ‘dream team’ agreed to the review, and that we were able to engage in productive conversations across our community to help position LMU as a leader in global-local education.”

Following this phase of the ACE Lab, the peer review teams final report will be released to the LMU community. We anticipate engaging with the LMU community in the spring to think together about strategies that also advance LMU’s mission and recent initiatives such as the Anti-Racism Project and the diversity, equity, and inclusion imperative.

If anyone has suggestions or comments on the implementation for the ACE Lab, submit this two-question Qualtrics survey to Global-Local Initiatives.

For more information visit the Global-Local Initiatives website.