Faculty Tenure and Promotions

Dear LMU Community:

Welcome to an academic year unlike any other.

As we continue to navigate unprecedented challenges together, one constant remains; the brilliance and excellence of our faculty. I am once again delighted to acknowledge those faculty who, during the past year, were either advanced to tenure, promoted in rank, or both. I am proud to work with these scholars; their talents and creativity invigorate our community. Join me in congratulating them, and I encourage you to visit their LMU websites to learn more: Dong Chen (Management); Jeffrey Davis (Screenwriting); Adam Fingerhut (Psychology); Kerstin Fisk (Political Science); Cecilia González-Andrieu (Theological Studies); Timothy Haight (Accounting); Karol Hoeffner (Screenwriting); Lily Khadjavi (Mathematics); Mikael Kreuzriegler (Film TV and Production); Julia Lee (English); William McCormack (Health and Human Sciences); Evelyn McDonnell (English); Michelle McKinnon Miller (Economics); Nora Murphy (Psychology); Bernadette Musetti (Urban and Environmental Studies); Kayoko Okada (Psychology); Gene Park (Political Science); Ani Shabazian (Elementary and Secondary Education); Trevor Zink (Management).

Through the uncertainties and disruptions of COVID-19, and our entirely new experiences, I am confident that our LMU spirit and resolve will carry us to a successful 2020-21 academic year. As I have said many times, I genuinely believe in the quality and character of our faculty. Indeed, our academic foundations bind us as we challenge our students and each other, fostering a virtual learning community that exemplifies intellectual rigor, open dialogue, and a commitment to our traditions rooted in our Catholic, Jesuit, and Marymount heritage.


Thomas Poon, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and Provost